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You get the memo from your employer. They are pleased to inform you that your position is not being eliminated. They are happy to have you as an employee and hope you will be able to remain in your job. However, that job will now be located in.... Fill in the blank with the name of some locale to which you cannot commute from your present home. You must pick up your family, find a home, find schools for your children and move to a strange place. In addition, your spouse, who may be happily employed near your current home, must quit his or her job and start a new one.

If you follow the news, you know this is not an unusual scenario. Companies often decide that they can operate more efficiently in another town and either hire a new staff in that town or take their employees along. If your employer offers to take you along, you must decide if you would rather relocate or look for a new job. There are many practical factors to consider: cost of living in the new town, quality of life, and job opportunities for your spouse. There are also personal factors: leaving family, friends, and all things familiar. I cannot help you with that. What follows are resources that can help you with the practical issues. These resources can help you compare the costs of living, find apartments, find houses, and organize your move."I've Been Transferred... We have to move..."

These very words can strike fear into even the most self-assured. Whether you have been faced with a transfer or a move across town, this information can help. Most transferees must contend with the unexpected challenge of selling an existing home while finding a new home in an unknown community-and having to do it pronto. What can you do when faced with a transfer or a move? To shake off the relocation jitters and achieve a smooth move, you need to consider a few strategic steps:

Take advantage of company relocation benefits. One of the benefits that your new or current employer provides you is relocation and housing assistance. Relocation counselors can help anticipate aspects of the move and effectively manage the process. They can also aid you in decision-making and help you approach the move with a positive attitude.  Be sure to request from your Relocation Specialist allows you to choose your Real Estate Agent as well as your Lender.  Otherwise, they may require to use their network of providers.

Do you rent or do you buy. Well you can only answer that question if you know where to find the answers. Your REALTOR and Lender can help you with this decision.  Numbers always help with decision making so be sure that your Lender shares with you what your buying power is based upon how much you want to invest in a housing payment each month.  Once you understand this number, then your Real Estate Agent can show you homes in your price range.

Explore this Rent Vs. Buying Tool


Most important of all, approach your relocation with a positive attitude. Moving can be painful or joyous, depending on whom you consult, how well you plan, and how openly you approach the task. Through a process of sound decision-making, you can banish the relocation jitters and ensure a smooth start to a new life.



Karen Jones, a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS 307015), is located in Scottsdale and has been serving Arizona with their home lending needs for over 40 years.  As a Certified Mortgage Advisor, Karen is dedicated in ensuring that her clients are well educated and prepared for their new home loan decision.   AmeriFirst Mortgage, is a Division of American Pacific Mortgage and Karen Jones can be found at the Grayhawk Branch which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. 



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Karen Jones 
Certified Mortgage Advisor
NMLS 307015 |    AZ Lic #0914383




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