How Long Will The Negatives Haunt Me?

Everyone’s human; we’ve all made mistakes over time. Some errors may cost more than others. For example, if you switch a letter around in an email address, your email will not be delivered with little to no impact on you.  However, some errors, like a speeding ticket on your record, can cost you more than a bounced email and can impact you and your life for a while.  So how about making an “oopsie” with your credit, how long would you have to face the repercussions of your credit mistakes? Also how bad could it hurt you?

  • Late Payments (30-180 days late) – Making a payment past the 30-day deadline will affect your score the most and will stay on your record for 7 years from the date of the late payment. However, if this was a one-time occurrence, then the negative item would affect your score less within the 7 years of on-time payments. And yes, every new late payment could bring your score down further than the last one.
  • Collections/Charge off – Debt like collections and charge-off accounts will remain on your report 7 years from the date the payment was sent to the collectors. However, paying the debt off before the 7 years will not let the negative item “disappear” instantly.  Instead, your account will be updated to “paid” and then add another 7-year inquiry to your credit report, unless you negotiate the Pay/Remove strategy that Credit Repair Companies works toward.  You may want to consider speaking to a professional to assist you with those negotiations.  And…one more thing…. if you think ignoring the collection inquiry for 7 years will make it disappear, think again. Since this is a debt you still owe, it will stay on your credit report for another 7 years until the debt is repaid or negotiated.
  • Closed Credit Accounts – Any account paid off as agreed will remain on your credit file for up to 10 years since the date of the last activity. However, if they were not paid as accepted (such as late payments and payments that were missing) and got shut down by the creditor, the negative item will remain for 7 years.

Making simple mistakes on your credit report can impact you negativity for 7 years at least.  To add insult to injury, trying to do the “right” thing on your own could end up digging yourself deeper into your grave when it comes to your credit.


Reposted with permission from:
Sal Bonanno
National Account Manager | First Premier Credit Repair
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